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Internet Jokes

Did you like www.flower.com? Not at first....but it grew on me!

What grows on the World Wide Web and stings? Internettles.

What did the parrot say when he was using the Internet? P.Cs of eight, P.Cs of eight.

What did the sausage say when it couldn't log on to the Internet? If at first you don't succeed Fry, Fry again

Did you know pillows have their own website? Really? Well you could knock me down with a feather!

What did you say to the policeman who spent eight hours on the Internet? Oh give it arrest.

What do you get if you cross a giant ship with the Internet? The Site-anic.

What do you get if you cross the Internet with a currant bread? Spotted click

What do you put in a www.ashing machine? Net curtains!

Where's Spiderman's home page? On the world wide web.

Why did the mummy stop using the Internet? He was getting far too wrapped up in it.

Why do beavers spend a fortune on the Internet? They never want to log off.

Why was the skeleton using the Internet? To bone up on his schoolwork.

What's the best city to search the World Wide Web in? Rome.

Which Lord Mayor of London was always on the Internet? Click Whittington

Who is the oldest singer on the Internet? Click Jagger.

Who writes hit musicals on the Internet? Andrew Lloyd Webber.

You're a big Internet fan aren't you? Yes - it's becoming a habit!

You're a big internet fan, arn't you? Yes, I really get a buzz out of it!

Teacher: Why are you pushing garlic into the computer's disk drive? Pupil: To keep vampires off the Internet Teacher: But there aren't any vampires on the Internet Pupil: See? It works, doesn't it?

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