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Suitable for all family members.
Kids Jokes Category

Kids Jokes Part 7

Q. Where does wood come from?

A. A guy named woody.

Q. What has one horn and gives milk

A. A milk truck.

Q. Where do bulls get their messages

A. On a bull-etin board.

Q. What do bulls do when they go shopping?


Q. Why were the giant's fingers only eleven inches long?

A. Because if they were twelve inches long, they'd be a foot.

Q. What is invisible and smells like carrots?

A. Bunny Farts!

Q. What runs but can't walk?

A. The faucet!

Q. What kind of bed does a mermaid sleep in?

A. A water bed!

Q. What kind of crackers do firemen like in their soup?

A. Firecrackers!

Q. What did the teddy bear say when he was offered dessert?

A. No thanks, I'm stuffed!

Q. Why did the barber win the race?

A. Because he took a short cut.

Q. What's taken before you get it?

A. Your picture.

Q. Why did the tree go to the dentist?

A. To get a root canal.

Q. Why did the child study in the airplane?

A. He wanted a higher education!

Q. Why was the broom late?

A. It over swept!

Q. What did the fireman's wife get for Christmas?

A. A ladder in her stocking!

Q. What did one virus say to another?

A. Stay away, I think I've got penicillin!

Q. What did the tie say to the hat?

A. You go on ahead and I'll hang around!

Q. What pet makes the loudest noise?

A. A trum-pet!

Q. What is a tornado?

A. Mother nature doing the twist!

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