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Car Stereo Blasting Category

Car Stereo Blasting

People into car stereos will probably get a kick out of this. Its a way to have some kind of ranking system with which to describe these sometimes elaborate stereo systems. Even if you're not into it, you can tell the difference between guys riding around in a "try hard" system and a "dope ass, in your face" system.

So we have devised the "CLASS" system, ranking cars from Class 1 being truly an awesome event which you will never forget, to Class 4, something you wish you could forget - very bad. In a way you may find it amusing but in the end they are in fact quite descriptive and you can use them with friends so they know exactly what your talking about when describing someone's car audio system!

Disorientation, loss of direction and concentration, mandatory head turn. And they said in the weather report it wasn't going to be windy! Ear bleeds. Adrenaline rush. Dropping to knees to pray.

You thought god was coming until you realized it was the cars subwoofers giving you that pressure sensation in your chest, only equalled by the astounding levels of treble.


Codenames : The Earthquake Epicentre, Bertha

Someone's out with their sound system turned up and windows down! But where? Ohhh, I heard it from that far? Geez, if my ears are in pain, what about that guy in the back seat scratching on the windows trying to get out!

Bass notes are pronounced and hard hitting, but aren't knocking you over. Treble is reallllyyy loud which seems to be trying to make up for a lack of mids? Hmmmmm. Watch for the Knight Rider alarm light blinking back and forth!


Codenames : Rolling Disco, PA

What is that? Surely that's not another car going by playing "Another Night" by Real McCoy? Shit, it is! An awful lot of treble coming out of that car. Ahhh that's because its got a row of... FOUR 6x9's on the back shelf!?!?! As the car goes by you can see the LOUD light glowing on the tape deck. But that's funny, there isn't any bass. Why is that guy got his head hanging out the window looking for people to notice the car? I only did accidentally. Also notice the stuff hanging off the rear view mirror, how dire!

No bass, an abundance of treble, no distortion because they got it just below that point.


Codenames : The Juvenile Committee, Theme Park

Hahaha, what's that sound? Oh shit! Its right beside me! I could probably spit louder (and hopefully hit their car). Sounds like the car beside me has it up "pretty loud" (cough cough)... Maybe I should warn him about the possibility of hearing loss, he must be pushing, ohh, 85dB!!! hahaha

Usually a level up from a stock system, with a "power booster EQ" under the glove box. Full volume, your witnessing popping sounds and distortion like the music is being played through a sand pipe! Look for the PIONEER sticker on the back window. Even better, look for an ALPINE sticker and then see if the car actually HAS any ALPINE gear in it hahaha.


Codenames : Tincan, Roadshow, Rolling Circus

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