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Aardvark Jokes

Aardvark Jokes are crazy funny and will have you busting your gut or NOT
Why does mama aardvark call her husband a cannibal? Because he ate his ant for dinner!

When is an aardvark jumpy? When he's got ants in his pants!

What do you call an aardvark outside Buckingham Palace? A guardvark!

What do you call an aardvark in a frying pan? A lardvark!

What do you call a pickled aardvark? A jarredvark!

What do you call an aardvark that plays poker? A cardvark!

What do you call a thick-skinned aardvark? A hardvark!

What do you call an aardvark good with a light saber? A darthvark!

What do you call an aardvark that writes poems? A bardvark!

What do you call an aardvark that's just lost a fight? A vark!

What do you call an aardvark that's been thrown out of a pub? A barredvark!

What do you call an aardvark that's just won a fight? A well 'aardvark!

What has 200 legs, 50 noses, and is very loud? A herd of stampeding aardvarks!

Where does the aardvark family always come first? In the phone book!

What do you call a boxing match between two aardvarks? A snout bout!

Why was Easter the aardvark's favorite holiday? Because he liked aard-boiled eggs!

Who's the aardvark's favorite female vocalist? Bearbara Streis-ant!

What does an aardvark keep in his aquarium? An aard-shark!

Who loves hamburgers, French fries, and ants? Ronald MacAardvark!

What is the difference between an aardvark and a coyote? One has a long smeller, the other, a loud yeller!

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